Watsons Maintenance Services
Express Delivery Services

With efficient delivery team, advanced automated system and precise route arrangement, the purest and fresh Watsons Water can be delivered to all customers on time everyday.

All-rounded Maintenance Services

To ensure your can relish the highest quality Watsons Water, our professional technical support team is ready to keep your dispensers in sterilized and efficient to back up your health.

Regular Sanitization Healthier Life

Suspended particulates, dust and bacteria are invisible in your surrounding air. They will enter and accumulate in the water reservoir of your dispenser and affect the water quality. To eliminate the chances of secondary contamination, sanitize your dispenser regularly.

Expert recommendation

Watsons Distilled Water: Sanitized dispenser for every six to twelve months.
Watsons Distilled Water with minerals: Sanitized dispenser for every three to six months.