Terms and Conditions

Watsons Water – Terms and Conditions for Purchase and Services

In these Terms and Conditions, "Watsons Water" or “we” or “us” means Watsons Water, a division A. S. Watson Group (HK) Limited and the "Customer" or “you” means any person, firm, company or body which places an order with us. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website or our mobile app (as the case may be) (collectively “our e-shop”). By placing an order with any of the methods provided by us or using this website or any part of it, you agree that you have read these terms and conditions and that you accept and agree to be bound by them.


Account Service


Customer may, subject to the procedures Watsons Water may specify from time to time, open and utilize an account to purchase the products and services provided by Watsons Water.




Customer agrees to provide Watsons Water accurate, complete and updated information^ for the maintenance of your registered account and Watsons Water shall rely upon the same information for the provision of services. Where any services are to be provided by any third parties, Customer also agrees to the transfer and disclosure of information.




Where Customer has set up a credit account, direct debit or credit card payment authorization, Customer is required to accept additional terms and conditions where applicable.




New credit account will be registered free e-Statement Service by default. Customer who requests to receive paper statement or fails to provide valid email address or fax number will be charged at HK$20 per paper statement to each account in the subject month.




In the event that Customer has closed the account or it is not used for a specified period, Watsons Water shall, for your own and our protection, deem your account to be no longer in use and deactivate your account. All Customer information, including but not limited to contact history and transactions, will be retained for a maximum of 7 years and deleted accordingly.



Ordering Service


Customer can place a water order with any of the following ordering methods before the cut-off time 5:00 p.m. on working days. Unless otherwise as specified by Customer, Watsons Water shall take your latest order to supersede previous instructions on the same delivery date.




Online Purchase at Watsons Water’s e-shop




You are required to register as a user before placing any order through our e-shop. During the registration:

  • You must provide us with accurate, complete and up to date registration information^;
  • You must safeguard your username and password;
  • You authorise us to assume that any person using the e-shop with your username and password is either you or is authorized to act for you;
  • We have the absolute discretion to refuse registration of a potential customer and to terminate the registration of any customer for any reason whatsoever.




Please inform us via our website/by email/by phone immediately of any changes to the information that you provided so that we can communicate with you effectively.




In the event that your account is not used for a specified period (currently, 3 years), we will, for your own and our protection, deem your account to be no longer in use, and we will deactivate your account and all your accumulated points and/or e-vouchers will be forfeited (where applicable). You will need to reapply for a new account if you wish to make further purchase at our e-shop.






We accept Visa, MasterCard, Alipay HK, Google Pay and Apple Pay.  


The maximum amount per transaction is : HK$20,000


Note: When inputting card numbers please do not input space or dash.




Under Credit Card Purchase Protection service (e.g. Visa Verification Service, MasterCard Secure Code) customers can enjoy safe and secure shopping by using their own credit card with specific password or security code. Credit cards used for shopping must be valid.




You confirm and warrant that you have procured the consent from the named credit card holder to settle all payments on your behalf.




All product prices listed are in Hong Kong dollars. The prices listed in our e-shop may differ from the prices of the same products in other shops / channels. The applicable price shall be the price listed in our e-shop as at the date of purchase.




Acceptance of orders is subject to our sole discretion. A final receipt will be issued to you when goods are delivered to your address.




To provide secure online transactions, we employ Internet's Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology. It encrypts your personal information, including credit card number, name and address, so that it would not be read as information travels over the Internet. To check TLS Certificate information, you can right click the mouse and choose "Properties" & "Certificates".




Notification and Ordering


Our e-shop only accepts orders for delivery in Hong Kong.




Placing an order means you agree to purchase products or services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set out herein. After receiving your order, we will acknowledge receipt of your order. However, it is not an acceptance of your order. We reserve the right to reject any purchase order without giving any reasons. In the event that we are unable to accept your order (for example due to payment issue), we will notify you by phone or email.




If your order is accepted by us, we will confirm with you accordingly and advise the date and time of delivery.




In case any applicable gift items of your purchased products are not available, we will contact you accordingly. You may decide whether to accept another gift item, cancel the order or continue to purchase the products.




Other ordering methods


  • Online redemption of water eCoupons with “My Account” * login
  • Teletone self-ordering hotline 2660-7373* / Customer service hotline 2660-6688


Note: *Require input of your customer code and personal online password or PIN




All orders are subject to confirmation of final availability. In the event that any of the products or services requested are unavailable, Watsons Water reserves the right to reject the order and notify Customer by the latest on or before delivery date.




Customer agrees that for any order cancellation or amendment it is Customer's responsibility to notify Watsons Water customer service centre in office hours# at least one working day prior to delivery. In the event that Customer has failed to give the notice, a surcharge HK$50 shall be levied for each transaction.




Whenever Customer places order, the following terms shall apply unless otherwise as specified:


Minimum order quantity unless as specified:


  • 2 bottles of Watsons Water Regular 18L or Junior 12L; or
  • 2 cases of Watsons Water 8L or 4.5L; or
  • 1 bottle of Watsons Water Regular 18L, Junior 12L or 1 case of 8L/4.5L and 1 case of consumer pack
  • Order of other products in required unit is welcome for the same order already met the minimum order quantity


Note: Deposit for each bottle is HK$20 (except 8L and 4.5L products).




Product / Service Charge and Payment


All product or service charges shall base on the list price imposed by Watsons Water or signed agreement or quotation still in validity term and refer to the date of payment or delivery, whichever is earlier.




All dispenser or water coupon packages must be pre-paid by credit card or crossed cheque payable to "Watsons Water" before delivery.




Cash on delivery is accepted. Please ready exact transaction amount and hand to the company delivery crew as they usually carry only small change.




Product and service charges will be billed to Customer's credit account provided that it is normal, in good standing with no delinquent record.




Bottle deposit for Regular or Junior size is required for first time delivery or thereafter loan of extra bottles. Return of empty bottles in good condition the deposit will be refunded to Customer without interest after deduction of outstanding amount (if any). Where amount exceeding HK$100 it will be paid by crossed cheque or credited to the registered account name. In case of bottle damage, contamination or missing, Customer shall be charged at HKD$50 per each as cost-compensation.




Monthly plan terms and conditions


You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the respective water product service plan(s) that you have subscribed to.




You agree to authorize us to settle your outstanding payment in full under your monthly statement by your credit card via designated payment gateway.




You acknowledge and agree that you shall pay for the first 6 months’ service fee under your service plan in advance and such payment is not refundable if the service plan is terminated earlier.




All purchases of monthly plan in your account must be paid by same credit card.




In the event that your service plan includes an Equipment (as defined in Clause 4.1 below) as a conditional gift upon completion of the service plan, should you decide to terminate the service plan prior to the expiry date then we shall charge you the prevailing retail price of the relevant Equipment in full.




The monthly statement is available for download from your registered account at our e-shop.  You are required to check the statement immediately and raise any enquiries on the statement to our Customer Service Department within 15 days from the date of the statement.




Water eCoupons


Watsons Water eCoupons are available in Regular 18L, Junior 12L, 8L and 4.5L with price and valid period subject to specific quantity, package or monthly plan. All eCoupons are applicable to direct delivery area within Hong Kong territory and redeemable from issue date until expiry date, non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products and made to any temporary address.




Regular 18L carboy

Junior 12L carboy

8L (2 bottles / case)

4.5L (4 bottles / case)


Distilled or with minerals

Distilled or with minerals

Not applicable

Not applicable


Not applicable

Distilled or with minerals

Not applicable

Not applicable


Not applicable

Not applicable


Not applicable


Not applicable

Not applicable

Not applicable

Distilled or with minerals




Each eCoupon can redeem one bottle or case of relevant size of Watsons Water and the price difference, if any, will not be refunded.




All eCoupon figure update is subject to invoice confirmation after each delivery and shown on the latest invoice with Current Balance, Purchase / Free Issue, Redeemed and New Balance.




All sold items are non-refundable. Customer is responsible for inspection of products on arrival and shall by next working day notify Watsons Water customer service centre in office hours# for any problem found. If such notice is not given within seven days, Customer shall be bound to accept the products.




Once the refund issue is verified and confirmed, subject to account status, amount will be refunded either by posted cheque or to Customer's credit card. (It may take around 4-6 weeks for processing)


 "Drops of Fun" Rewards Program x Household Customer


Household Customer Registration via Watsons Water "Drops of Fun" Rewards Mobile App ("App") or the Program's website: https://ww-fun.com/hk/ you become  a member of the "Drops of Fun" Rewards Program.




Household customer need to register a membership account under the Program under your own capacity. Each valid mobile number, Facebook account and/or Wechat account (applicable when the membership profile is linked to your Facebook account and/or Wechat account) can only be eligible for registering a membership account once.




We are not responsible for any loss as a result of Members' failure to notify us of any change(s) to mobile phone number, e-mail address and/or any other personal information.




In the event that your membership account has no activity for a period of three years, we will, for your own and our protection, deem your account to be no longer in use. We will deactivate your account and all your accumulated Reward Points will be forfeited. Your personal information in our record will also be deleted. You may need to reapply for a new membership if you wish to rejoin the Program. 




Each Reward Point(s) QR code can be scanned and rewarded once only.




A maximum of 1,350 Reward Points will be rewarded by scanning QR code(s) by each household customer account per day. Extra Points rewards are determined by respective terms and conditions




The eShop system will issue a one-off  Reward Point(s) QR code per the quantities of 12L and 18L water product of an order 3 working days upon delivery. You can earn Reward Point(s) by scanning the QR code via Watsons Water "Drops of Fun" Rewards Mobile App ("App") and registering as members. The Reward Point(s) QR code is valid for 3 months upon issuance by system automatically and will not be re-issued after the expiry date. 




Our record of all Members' Reward Points shall be final and conclusive.




Your Reward Points cannot be transferred to other individuals, and cannot be combined for use with Reward Points from other Members' accounts.




All Reward Points, gifts and prizes under the Program are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-replaceable for cash or other gifts in all cases.




The quota of gifts and prizes under the Program are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts.




We reserve the right to deduct the corresponding Reward Points earned by you in response to the return of the products purposed and unsuccessful order delivery unsuccessful.




As the Program operates through systems which rely on communication networks, electricity networks etc., which may be beyond our control, we cannot always ensure that the Program operates at all times. However we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure our system supports the operations in connection with the Program.




Members who discovered in-use of plug-in units or any other ways that affect the fairness of the Program will be disqualified without further notification.




Any termination of membership requests can be made in writing to Watsons Water at any time. All unused Reward Points, Green Points unredeemed gifts or prizes and all rights or entitlements shall become invalid upon termination of your membership.




In the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions, or causing unauthorized, misconduct, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful usage, we have the right to stop one's participation in the Program and/or immediately terminate one's membership with or without notice. We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting there from and also has the right to take action for recovery of any loss suffered by us as a result of the breach.




We reserve absolute right to terminate the Program at any time with reasonable notice, where reasonably practicable. Members will be informed 60 days before the termination of the Program. All rights and privileges of the Members shall cease upon the termination of the Program. We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom.




We reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of the Program without prior notice. Members should regularly check whether this Terms and Conditions of the Program has been modified, as the Member's continued use of the Program or the App indicates the acceptance of any change to this Terms and Conditions of the Program. We shall bear no liability to any impact or loss or damage that Members suffered or incurred due to such change, update or revision.




Not all Members will be eligible to participate in all promotions and we may from time to time impose other limitations on Members' participation in any particular promotion. Members taking part in any promotion shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by any specific terms and conditions which may be imposed by us in relation to such promotion.




In the event of any disputes arising from the Program or the Terms and Conditions, we shall be the sole and final arbiter of such disputes and its decision shall be absolute and binding on the Member.





(i) Members acknowledge that they use the Program and the App and the Website at his/her own risk. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by Members arising out of the use of the Program and the App. We shall also have no liability for any loss or damage caused by our deletion of Member Information, suspension of Members' right to use the Program or any unavailability, suspension or termination of the Program.

(ii) All information, trademarks, logos, graphics, videos, audio clips, links and other items appearing on the Program and the App/the Website ("Information") are for reference only and is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at our discretion. Whilst we endeavor to ensure the accuracy of the Information on this Program and this App, no express or implied warranty is given by us to the accuracy of the Information. We shall bear no responsibility for any incorrectness or leakage.



Delivery Service


Free delivery is applicable to locations accessible by delivery vehicles to building with lift facility or its first floor up to 20 staircases in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Delivery to outlying islands, remote or restricted areas is subject to Watsons Water's decision and the following delivery charge will be applied.




For delivery locations without lift facility or equivalent delivery distance, a surcharge HK$5 will be applied for each unit of product items perfloor from 21st to 40th staircases.




For delivery locations in Lantau (excluding Tung Chung town), Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, Peng Chau and Ma Wan, an additional delivery charge will be applied and separately quoted, subject to the current market rate charged by transportation agent.




For special request of non-schedule delivery, Customer shall prepay for a special delivery charge HK$50 each unit of product items with minimum order quantity of four items per order. All special delivery arrangement and charges are subject to Watsons Water's decision.




Under normal circumstances, products can be arranged delivery on the company schedule within 7 working days from the date of order confirmation.




Normal delivery hours are within 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday, except on Sundays and statutory holidays. In the event of nobody in or rejection without reason, Watsons Water reserves the right to levy a surcharge to Customer.




Customer shall understand that actual delivery may be affected by traffic and weather conditions. Watsons Water aims to deliver as scheduled to designated point to the best of our ability but not guarantee any date or time of delivery as mentioned and is not liable for any loss arising from the delay of delivery.




Delivery service will be suspended in times of black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal No.8 or above is in effect and outstanding orders will be arranged in next schedule or on the other day whichever is earlier, subject to the availability of delivery resource.




Customer accepts that the title to the products shall remain Watsons Water until full payment of the products is settled while the risk of any loss or damage to the products shall be with Customer from the arrival of the products. Watsons Water has no responsibility for the products left outside or unattended at delivery point per Customer's request.




All product items loaned to Customer remain the absolute property of Watsons Water. In the event of loss or damage caused by misuse, fire, flood or theft whatsoever, Watsons Water reserves the right to retain the deposit and ask Customer to reimburse the balance of the total cost at the current market value as determined solely by Watsons Water.




Pursuant to the clause 3.7, our carboy water bottles are on loan to Customer for the purpose of containing our distilled water and remain the property of Watsons Water.  In case of damage or contamination including the presence of pollutants inside or on bottle surface that caused our bottles no longer suitable for the purpose, we reserves the right to reject collection and forfeit bottle deposit with charge of the variance at cost to Customer as laid down in the clause 2.4.2 e).

3.9. For non-fragile light-weight merchandise, an alternative delivery option for parcel pickup at designated courier store or locker within Hong Kong territory shall be arranged after full payment of goods including the first time standard parcel freight charge.  Customer shall check the pickup location code in the courier website (store list | locker list) and provide it with a valid mobile number to Watsons Water customer service centre during order confirmation.  An SMS will be sent by the courier to Customer’s mobile number informed of a verification code for parcel pickup within designated time frame.  Any subsequent charges arising from late pickup, redirect instruction or return from courier shall be borne by Customer.  Watsons Water shall adopt a reasonable principle of packaging with appropriate parcel packing and is not liable for any damage or loss during the transit handled by the courier.



Equipment Maintenance and Sanitising Service


“Equipment” hereby refers to all electrical water dispensers, beverage centres or vending machines sold, loaned or rented to Customer. Maintenance and / or sanitizing service scope and terms and conditions shall refer to both this section and respective service plan or agreement.




We provide maintenance service and sanitizing service for the Equipment pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions under the service plan(s) which you have subscribed to. Watsons Water normally provides 12-months dispenser warranty, starting from the receipt date of the dispenser. Parts will be charged separately after warranty. Please keep the invoice for proof of purchase. For warranty and repair service, under any circumstances, cutsomer needs to bring the Watsons Water Table Top Dispenser to Water Water Centre(Except Wats-Touch H&C Dispenser), 6 Dai li Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, N.T. Please call Customer Service Hotline +852 2660 6688 for appointment in advance.




Under no circumstances, maintenance coverage is annulled once the equipment is repaired by anyone other than Watsons Water's technician. It covers equipment working in good condition upon joining and being used under normal conditions, excluding any cabinets or external finishing of equipment and sanitizing service.




Where any damage is caused by obsolete equipment and normal wear and tear, disaster, accident, fire, unauthorized alteration, misuse or inappropriate placement of the equipment by Customer, Watsons Water has no responsibility for any liabilities or claims arising out of the equipment.




In the event of the unavailability of parts due to discontinuation of factory production, Customer accepts the solution determined by Watsons Water including refund of the remaining maintenance fee on pro-rata basis after deduction of charge for any service done as remedy. Watsons Water is not liable for supplying any replacement for the equipment or any loss suffered by Customer consequence of the equipment or any part thereof being unusable or not being restored to proper working order.



Exchange and Refund


Under normal circumstances (except Clause 5.2 below), we would not accept any request for exchange of products or cancellation of orders.  You are requested to examine the goods immediately for any deficiencies and/or damages of their appearance and whether all accessories are included upon delivery. If it is the case, please contact our Customer Service Department.




Your deposit paid for the water bottles and the Equipment shall be refunded to you upon return of the water bottles and/or the Equipment, or termination of our services.




If we agree you are entitled to an exchange but the products to be exchanged are sold out, you may return such product to us and apply the amount paid to buy alternative product(s).




In exceptional case at our sole discretion, we will refund the amount paid to your credit card bank account (takes about 4-6 weeks) by other designated means as agreed between you and us.




Original sales receipt or relevant electronic receipt must be produced to us for the request of a product exchange.




All gift items must be returned together with the returned products. Otherwise the retail value of the gift item would be deducted from the refund.





Title to the product shall remain vested in us until we receive full payment of the price, and risk shall pass to the customer upon delivery / collection of the product (as the case may be).




Watsons Water may liaise Customer by one or a combination of channels, email, facsimile, phone call or voicemail, SMS message, mail, visit in person or post in website. Any notice shall be deemed to be effective at the time when it is delivered to Customer. For email content with Customer account information, Watsons Water adopts the Transport Layer Security (TLS), the encryption technology to protect data transmission.




All pictures of products shown in the website and printed on promotional materials are for reference only.




Watsons Water reserves the right of products and services offer, pricing adjustment and amendment to these terms and conditions.




For any ordered goods remain undelivered for 60 days from the date of order confirmation, we shall have the right to dispose of such goods at our own discretion without further notice to you.  In such event, we shall not be liable to make any refund or compensation to you.




We shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss (whether direct or indirect) of revenue, loss of profits or any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever suffered, sustained or incurred by you or by other person arising (directly or indirectly) out of the sale and purchase transaction with you.




Force majeure: We shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform caused by or resulting from acts of God, fire, flood, accident, riot, war, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labour difficulties, equipment failures, or any other causes beyond our control.




You shall not assign, transfer or otherwise any of your rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions to any other third party without our prior written consent.




If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall be construed to be illegal or invalid, they shall be removed from these terms and it shall not affect the legality, validity and enforceability of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions.




These Terms and Conditions embody the entire agreement between the parties and they supersede all previous negotiations, representations and agreement between the parties.




We have the right, at any time, or from time to time, by giving prior notice to you, to modify or vary or supplement all or any of the provisions under these Terms and Conditions.




If any dispute arises, our determination shall be final. Where these Terms and Conditions are available in Chinese, the English version is the governing version and shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy between the two versions.




These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People's Republic of China and the Customer and we agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. We may revise the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.




 Last updated: 23 December 2020




^We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. We therefore make sure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) under the laws of Hong Kong. Please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement.


#Our Customer Service Centre office hours is Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sat 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Except on public holidays)