Break through, all because of persistence! E-sports World Championship champion Toyz

As long as you are willing to persist and break through yourself, you can hit the world record! Toyz, the champion of the e-sports world competition, take actions to promote my generous beliefs - Persists to break through any obstacles! 
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Break through, all because of persistence! World record holder Lee Sum Yi.

Every scar on the road of dreams is a success! Female single rope speed 30 seconds world record holder Lee Sum Yi. She relies on his perseverance and willpower, insists on daily hard training, and break through the world record for female single rope speed! Lee's story is telling everyone that if you want to succeed, you have to insists! As long as you constantly break through yourself, Watsons water will support you along the way, keep it going!

Break through, all because of persistence! Two consecutive best youth football players in Hong Kong, Tan Chun Lok

Practise hard is only for the moment to be shine in the stadium! For the second consecutive session of Hong Kong's best young player Tan Chun Lok, keep moving forward to make his football dreams become real by break through the limits of his own and successfully prove his strength on the football field! Hope that everyone can work hard for your dreams, and break through yourself!

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