2015 Starting from March 2015, Watsons Water "Go Green Bottles" were launched. Watsons Water takes on a revolutionary approach to transform its plastic bottles - a transparent bottle body made of 100% rPET (recycled PET) material. This does not only reduce the use and wastage of plastic, but also helps cut carbon emissions.
  "Chasing Dream Campaign" was launched. Sharing the same value of persistence in one's dream, there's no coincidence that the K-Pop group N-Sonic is identified as the brand ambassador of Watsons Water. Watsons Water persists for over 110 years for purest distilled water.
  Watsons Water launched Wats-Touch hot & chilled dispenser and HC99L-UFD upward flow hot & chilled dispenser. Wats-Touch has stylish design with a touch screen panel and an instant heating system to provide hot water anytime. It is also equipped a preset water button with 70°C water temperature for preparing formula milk in an easy way. HC99L-UFD has selective high temperature purification function to ensure water purity and 5 sensitivity modes to lights which is environmental friendly and cost saving.

2014 Watsons Water launched Wats-MiniS hot & chilled dispenser, the first dispenser which can fit with various bottle sizes (4.5/12/18L) with slim body design and it is more flexible to users.
2013 This is the 110th anniversary of Watsons Water and we persist to serve purest distilled water over years.
  Watsons Water launched a upward flow hot and chilled dispenser, Wats-Smart, which equips with an automatic water cleaning system to sterilize the cold water tank and bottles with natural O3 in every 4 hours. The system complies with the American OSHA guidelines in assuring water quality.
2012 Watsons Water launched a trendy water dispenser, Wats-mini, which fits for families.
  Watsons Water launched a new series of advertisements featuring Hong Kong Cyclist Sarah Lee Wai Sze.
2011 Watsons Water launched brand new image with a water droplet.
2003 To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Watsons Water, 12 famous local artists were invited to design 12 bottles label capturing Hong Kong's unique character.
2002 Marked a new page for the entire local bottled water industry by launching a brand-new bottle.
1998 The first to launch the 'Handy Bottle', facilitating the replacement of empty water bottles.  
1996 Became the first to introduce the 12L Watsons Water Junior Bottle onto the household market.
1994 Watsons built a factory in Beijing to cater to rising demands in the PRC.
  Watsons pioneered the "Super Seal System" for water dispensers in Hong Kong.
1989 Watsons Athletic Club was founded and is now the training ground for many top local athletes participating in various international competitions.
1981 Watsons Water became a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Hutchison Whampoa Group.
1979 Plastic containers replaced glass in the commercial sector.
1977 The 500ml plastic water bottle was first launched into the retail market.
Office-size, bottled Watsons Water was popular in the commercial districts. The container then was made of glass and had to be handled with care.
1903 Watsons began manufacturing distilled water.
1841 Watsons relocated its business to Hong Kong.
1828 The AS Watson Group originated as a small dispensary in southern China where it was well known for providing free medicine to the poor.