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About Drinking Water Safety
  • What are the adverse effects of lead in water to humans?

  • Which type of water achieves the highest level of drinking water standard?

  • Can water filter remove all harmful substances from tap water?

  • What measures shall the affected estate residents take before the incident of lead in drinking water has been solved?

  • What is Legionnaires' disease?

  • How can we prevent the infection of Legionnaires' disease?

  • Can plastic bottles be reused by users?

About Drinking Water
  • How many types of drinking water are there?

  • Why water is important for humans?

  • Is it adequate for us to drink 8 cups of water a day?

  • Would it be too late for us to drink water when we feel thirsty?

  • Do we become fat if we drink too much water?

  • Do we have edema if we drink too much water?

  • Is mineral water suitable for everyone?

  • Is it true that drinking distilled water would lead to minerals deficiency?

  • Is it better for us to drink sport drink than plain water during exercises?