Watsons Water
Model - Wats-Touch mini Hot & Ambient Dispenser (White)
Depth : 24.5 cm
Width : 20.5 cm
Height : 28.5 cm
Height w/4.5L : 53.5 cm
Water Temperature (Hot) : 90-100 °C
Water Temperature (Warm) : 65-75 °C
Water Temperature (Ambient) : Room Water Temperature
Weight : 2 kg
Wattage (W) : 2120 W
Flow rate (L/min) : Hot water: 0.4 L/min
  Warm water: 0.7 L/min
  Ambient water: 0.7 L/min
Safety Mark / Recognition : IEC, EMF
  • Mini-size dispenser body fits for tiny households
  • Instant heating system with hot water sustainability
  • Three water temperatures are available (Water at room temperature/70°C /100°C)
  • Applicable to specific Watsons Water distilled water products
  • Different lighting colors at water outlet to indicate water temperature
  • Gigantic LCD screen to show time & water temperature
  • Equip with magnetic tray which is convenient for different height water cup's usage
  • With non-contact sensors water controller to understand water situation


1. Water temperatures are based on the measurement inside dispenser's water tanks and they may vary subject to water consumption pattern or different external factors.

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