Watsons Water
Model - ES Upward Flow Hot & Chilled Dispenser
Depth : 35.5 cm
Width : 34.5 cm
Height : 109 cm
Water Temperature (Hot) : 84-89 °C
Water Temperature (Cold) : 5-10 °C
Weight : 24 kg
Wattage (W) : 585 W
Flow rate (L/min) : Hot water: 1.5 L/min
  Cold water: 2.45 L/min
Safety Mark / Recognition : IEC, EMF,
Hong Kong Safety Mark L00434A
Energy Label WD13-0002
  • Upward flow dispenser with metal case.
  • Patented design stainless steel handle, with convenient rolling carboy tray, ease for water replacement.
  • Specially designed water tank system prevents water convention to save energy.
  • Inner anti-leakage design prevents water spills and splashes.
  • Equipped with transparent window and water refill notifying light facilities to identify water situation.
  • Specially designed S shape pipes, capable of different carboy bottles.


Water temperatures are based on the measurement inside dispenser's water tanks and they may vary subject to water consumption pattern or different external factors.

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