Watsons Water
Model - HC58L-UFD Upward Flow Hot & Chilled Dispenser
Depth : 35 cm
Width : 32 cm
Height : 103.5 cm
Water Temperature (Hot) : 84-89 °C
Water Temperature (Ambient) : 10-25 °C
Water Temperature (Cold) : 5-10 °C
Weight : 20.5 kg
Wattage (W) : 585 W
Flow rate (L/min) : Hot water: 1.1 L/min
  Cold water: 1.382 L/min
  Ice water: 1.45 L/min
Safety Mark / Recognition : IEC, EMF
  • Stylish upward flow water dispenser with black and silver body case.
  • Three choices of water temperature (Cold, ambient & hot) to suit different needs.
  • Installed with blue light at water outlet & reminder the drip tray is full.
  • Patented design stainless steel tube with handle, ease for water replacement.
  • Protective devices include hot water safety faucet and protective wire for dispenser door.


Water temperatures are based on the measurement inside dispenser's water tanks and they may vary subject to water consumption pattern or different external factors.

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