Watsons Water
Model - Wats-Touch Hot & Chilled Dispenser (White)
Depth : 30.5 cm
Width : 26 cm
Height : 35 cm
Height w/4.5L : 59.5 cm
Height w/12L : 63 cm
Height w/18L : 75.5 cm
Water Temperature (Hot) : 90-99 °C
Water Temperature (Warm) : 65-75 °C
Water Temperature (Cold) : Lower than indoor temperature by 10 °C
Weight : 4.3 kg
Wattage (W) : 2200 W
Flow rate (L/min) : Hot water: 0.4 L/min
  Warm water: 0.7 L/min
  Cold water: 1.8 L/min
Safety Mark / Recognition : IEC, EMF, Energy Label WD15-0003
  • Stylish design with touch screen panel.
  • Instant heating system to provide hot water anytime.
  • Gigantic display clock with harmonic touch buttons.
  • Different lighting colors at water outlet to indicate water temperature.
  • Quiet in operation under thermoelectric system.
  • Ionic air purifying system helps to improve air quality around the dispenser.


1.The dispenser is applicable to 4.5L Bottled Water, 12L Junior Carboy and
18L Regular Carboy.
2.Water temperatures are based on the measurement inside dispenser's water tanks and they may vary subject to water consumption pattern or different external factors.

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