Watsons Water
Model - Wats-Smart Hot & Chilled Dispenser (Black)
Depth : 38 cm
Width : 32 cm
Height : 103 cm
Water Temperature (Hot) : 80-92 °C
Water Temperature (Cold) : 10-15 °C
Water Temperature (Ice) : 3-15 °C
Weight : 16 kg
Wattage (W) : 695 W
Flow rate (L/min) : Hot water: 1.61 L/min
  Cold water: 2.32 L/min
  Ice water: 2.62 L/min
Safety Mark / Recognition : IEC, EMF, Energy Label WD13-0001
  • Upward flow dispenser with stylish metallic design.
  • First introduction of automatic water cleaning system to sterilize the cold water tank and bottles with natural O3 in every 4 hours. The system complies with the American OSHA guidelines in assuring water quality.
  • Gigantic LCD screen to show date, time and water temperature.
  • Go green with 3 Intelligent energy saving modes to meet different needs.
  • HK ENERGY LABEL (Registration No.: WD13-0001).
  • Intelligent water refill system, with notifying light and sound facilities to identify water situation.
  • Customized setting of water temperature.
  • Patented design stainless steel handle, ease for water replacement.
  • Specially designed S shape pipes to avoid wastage.
  • Newly designed Hot Water Safety Faucet and temperature fuse.
  • Choose between hot, cold and ice water.


Water temperatures are based on the measurement inside dispenser's water tanks and they may vary subject to water consumption pattern or different external factors.

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